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"Women should love themselves well and live for themselves
Only when you take care of yourself that you can take care of your family
and be a role model for your children, a safe place and a back up for your children"
-- Cherry Quah, Founder of CHEVIN

"Women should have the dream to be financially independent,
they should venture outside the old framework and never forget to love themselves
If you have something you wish to do, just do it,
if you have a dream, chase it!"
-- Elecher Lee, Co-Founder of CHEVIN

Join us today,
Family on your left, Career on your right, Create a perfect life full of happiness & wellness.

R3 Product Video

CHEVIN partners with world-class health food manufacturers to create quality products,
adheres to scientific management and technological innovation to promote corporate development,
and uses an international technical and think-tank of senior researchers, doctors, nutritionists and biomedical engineers in various fields to jointly develop products.
R3 contains 9 ingredients, patented in 5 countries, which are highly effective in activating cellular health.
Its high antioxidant content can boost immunity,
repair cells from the inside out, nourish the skin and make the body healthy and bright from the inside out, giving it a youthful and vibrant appearance.

Founder and Co-Founder Vision

"The beauty of a woman lies in her love and passion for life"
The two goddesses Cherry and Elecher share the founding stories and the missions of CHEVIN.
They are not afraid of challenges, break through themselves, and embark on the journey of entrepreneurship.
In addition, to keep the balance between family and career,
they are also committed to inspiring and helping every female.
Together, we achieve "Family on your left, Career on your right. Create a perfect life full of happiness & wellness."

Qoqoquik Meal Replacement

Qoqoquik Belgium Cocoa Flavoured Meal Replacement contains Highest-Quality Proteins, Plant Based Omega 3,6,9 , 500 million CFU Probiotics, 18 Vitamins & Minerals, High Fibre and Strong Antioxidant which allows you to achieve ideal body shape with deep nutrients nourishments.

International Patents & Trademarks

-Denmark Patent - 500 million CFU BB12 Probiotics

-German Trademark - Prebiotics Orafti Synergy1

-Spain Trademark - Micronized Iron Lipofer

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