Free Radicals- The enemy of cells

Free radicals are unstable atoms that can damage our body cells, creating oxidative stress. Since cells cannot be seen by naked eyes, you can imagine the process as the enzymatic browning of the apple. After we cut the apple, we can observe that the flesh turns brown, and the taste of the apple will deteriorate. That is the oxidation process when the apple flesh is exposed to oxygen. Same goes to free radical damage on cells, when the free radicals attack cells, it will lead to oxidative stress causing cell damage which will affect our health.

Free Radicals Damage

Free radicals attack our body cells, causing cell membrane deterioration, affecting the cell structure, and damaging the DNA in cells. When the cell membrane is deteriorated, the ability to absorb nutrients and remove toxin will be affected. Cell damage will lead to the decline in organ function, which will affect our overall health. Do you know where do the free radicals come from?

Sources of free radicals

Our lifestyle habits are one of the most important factors which could lead to the generation of free radicals, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, frequent usage of electronic products, food additives, lack of sleep, being in long-term stressful condition, unhealthy diet such as fast food or deep-fried food. These are the factors that can cause free radicals damage towards our cells. Besides lifestyle factors, some of the environmental factors which are inescapable part of life also play an important role in causing free radical damage. Exposure to air pollution and ultraviolet rays of sunlight are some of the examples. Therefore, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to reduce free radicals damage towards our body cells.


Antioxidants neutralize free radicals by donating their own electrons. Therefore, it could help to inhibits the formation of free radicals, suppress and scavenge free radicals, and reduce the free radicals damage towards the cells. Antioxidants reduce the oxidative stress on cells caused by free radicals and therefore, delays the aging process of cells. There are many health consequences and diseases are closely related to cells aging or damage, such as cataracts, cirrhosis, and heart disease. It is very important to protect our cells as health begins at cellular level.

CHEVIN Nutritionist Ke Qi:

Healthy lifestyle and healthy diet are the two most important keys to health. Besides fixing your bad habits in your daily life, you could also add in high antioxidant food into your diet. There are many fruits and vegetables which exhibit strong antioxidant properties such as berries, orange, lemon, pomegranate, tomato, broccoli, and corn. Besides adding strong antioxidant food into your daily diet, you could also substitute your unhealthy snack such as potato chips and candies with nuts such as walnut and Brazil nuts which could helps in suppressing free radicals and thereby reducing free radical damage towards our cells.

Nutritionist Lau Ke Qi

  • Taylor's University
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  • Master degree in Nutrition University Putra Malaysia
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