Depression is not your Fault

Depression is an illness or disorder that will cause persistent feelings of sadness and hopelessness. Depression is closely related to the hormone in your body. A hormone named Serotonin is a major hormone or neurotransmitter that regulates mood and sleep. When your serotonin level is too low, it can lead to depression. There are some of the ways that you could try to help with your current conditions.

1. Eat the right nutrition

Many people might not know but the food you take in could be closely related to the depression condition. Having balance and healthy diet is especially important for your mental-health and well-being. You can consume more selenium-rich food such as beans and nuts. Brazil nuts are high in selenium and high selenium intake could aid in improving mood. Omega-3 has also showed to improve depression conditions. Salmon and tuna are some of the examples of omega-3 rich food. There are also some foods that you should avoid eating in excess such as alcohol, refined sugar, caffeine and deep-fried food.

2. Exercise

Exercise is a good way to release stress and make you feel lighter and refreshing. Exercising can boost the level of endorphins in your body. Endorphins are one of the hormones that could contribute to the happiness feelings and studies has showed that endorphins level are closely related with depression condition. You can set an exercise routine such as starting with 3 times a week. Even simple exercise like jogging could make a difference.

3. Get adequate sleep

Lacking of sleep could make the depression condition worsen and vice versa, depression could lead to insomnia. Insomnia could increase your stress level or might even lead to the occurrence of anxiety. If you are having insomnia problem, you can try some of the ways to fight for insomnia such as drinking warm milk before sleep, listen to relaxation music or placing lavender oil in your diffuser.

4. Seek for social support

Try not to keep everything to yourself. You might think that it is very hard for you to speak up or you might worry to burden others but it is very important to open up yourself instead of keeping everything to yourself. You may try talking to your friends, family members, counsellor or anyone that you are comfortable with. You might realise that you will feel much lighter when you share your thoughts with someone and having someone by your side can give you motivation.

5. Boost self-confidence

Depression is hormone induced disorder, it could affect your feeling and your thoughts. In a long term, depression could destroy your self-confidence bit by bit. You can try to write down a list of things that you want to do and find back your passion from executing the things in the lists. By fulfilling every one thing, it can help to boost your confidence bit by bit and increase your self-appreciation. Besides, you can also express yourself through different ways such as writing and singing. Writing journal or diaries is a good way in terms of self-confidence and stress management. You can make it a habit to note down 3 things you are grateful for or 3 things that make you smile everyday before you sleep. This could help to slowly rebuild your self-esteem and also it allows you to end your day with a positive note.

CHEVIN Nutritionist Ke Qi:

Having depression is not your fault. Depression is an illness and no one should be ashamed of having any kind of illness or disorder. You should not blame yourself for having depression, instead, you should seek help from mental health professionals to aid with your conditions. If your family or friends are depressed, try to support them without shaming or blaming them. Just be there for them and let them know that you care about them is a big support for them. Try to spend more time to care for your family and friends, sometimes, you will never know who is secretly having hard time themselves without sharing with the world.

Nutritionist Lau Ke Qi

  • Taylor's University
  • Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition
  • Master degree in Nutrition University Putra Malaysia
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